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Meet Cluster Employers

After travelling to the US for Basketball and relying on the delivery of healthy prepped meals, Nevell returned to Nova Scotia and saw a gap that he can fill. Bringing healthy prepped meals to Nova Scotians and it was a success in their first year they sold over 10,000 meals.

In February 2020, the brothers Nevell and Corvell decided that they could bring to life a second family business and put the soul in soul food with an R & B kitchen.

“COVID 19 has created a massive challenge, but we were set up for success, we were set up for take-out and we pivoted to include delivery,” says Corvell

They attribute much of their success to the family support and being in their communities of North Preston.

They are now looking to add more people to the team, initially, they were going to do a part-time position at each business. Around that time, Cluster Employment Platform was released and they knew it was the perfect answer for their needs.

“We are young, we are learning, and we are looking for someone who can see themselves as part of both businesses, and we didn’t want the hassle of managing two part-time employees”, says owners of Smooth meal Prep and R&B kitchen Corvell and Nevell Beals.

These young business owners are hiring a “Kitchen Prep Manager” through the Cluster Employment Platform. The platform brings together the part-time needs of two to three employers to create full-time positions.

As young businesses we have always hired through friends and family, a handshake is a contract we go by says Nevell.

The Cluster platform helped us with getting to a shared model of employment, in addition to all the other things that we didn’t think about like vacation requirements, benefits, posting a job, creating an opportunity brief which is all templated on the platform. “The user interface is what I enjoyed most about, I am not computer savvy so having an interface that I can easily use was key for me”, says Corvell.

The position is a kitchen prep position but in reality, we want potential applicants to see it as a partner position because this position is not an inside the box position. The individual will be able to introduce recipes, get creative and truly be a part of the business.

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