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Cluster Employment - What Top Talent Deserves

Cluster Employment allows for employees to spread their wings and contribute to multiple employers, while benefiting from the security and structure of a consolidated full-time role.

Increasingly, many of today's employees are looking for new challenges that allow for them to contribute to more than one organization. The rise of the gig-economy has been well documented, with 1.7million Canadians working in the gig-sector (pre-covid).

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That being said, some of these roles are filled by necessity rather than desire. When a gig-role is all a job-seeker can find, sometimes it's last resort to earn a (partial) paycheque. In urban centres, an employee can make this work by patching together two or three jobs, but scheduling conflicts, unhappy bosses or stress often work their way into the lives of the gig-worker.

In rural regions, the story is somewhat different. Here in Atlantic Canada, we are constantly ringing the recruitment bell, saying we need to bring in more young families to our rural towns and attract and retain those who have moved away. Imagine then how difficult it must be for the very people we say we need to attract, when we ask them to move their life for a part-time job. Simply put, this isn't sustainable. "NS is at a crossroads. The only certainty is that the status quo is not an option."

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In a Cluster role, an employee will not have to worry about scheduling conflicts or an employer finding out about another. Employers will have pre-determined schedules and hours allocated, so the employee's job is to do their job...and isn't that the way it should be? As for the rural situation, a Cluster role offers a full-time wage, benefits, and structure and security of a full time job. Employees can, therefore, start looking at property outside the city to build a life in a cozy little town!

Learn more, log-in and create clusters on Wednesday, August 12th at 11AM AST - Reach out to the Cluster Team for Registration Link - REGISTER TODAY!

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