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The Future of Work is Here: and Youth are the Answer

Six years ago in a move that may seem risky to most, Ross Simmonds launched fully remote content marketing agency, Foundation Marketing. Today, they serve some of the fastest growing start-ups and largest Fortune 500 brands in the world.

He attributes much of their global success to the young and innovative graduates they hire and says that the pandemic has not hindered their ability to work. In fact, the increased need for digital marketing as a result of COVID19’s impact on businesses, has allowed the company to make new hires at the peak of the pandemic.

“COVID19 has had a massive impact on every industry, “says Simmonds.

“We've been able to grow through this time and we're continuing to grow as digital marketing becomes a bigger priority for brands than ever before. I can remember the recession of 2008 making it difficult for me to find a job when I graduated. So being able to hire locally even amidst a pandemic is a great feeling and will help sustain our momentum.”

Hiring young people was made easier with the Graduate to Opportunity (GTO) program, which offers 25% of a grad’s first year salary – 35% if the grad is diverse – and 12.5% of their second-year salary.

Maggie Archibald, a recent Public Relations grad from Mount Saint Vincent University, joined the company as a Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist, with the support of GTO.

“Maggie is shaping how we communicate with clients around the world,” says Simmonds. “She offers large scale SEO services and applies a very high level of emotional intelligence to tailor our messaging.”

“GTO made it more appealing to take a step to hire more recent grads into the company,” he says.

The GTO program is available to small businesses, start-ups and non-profit organizations. Complete applications are typically approved within three to five days.

“This opportunity is allowing me to grow professionally and personally,” says Archibald. “As new grads we are capable of so much and can open the eyes of an employer to new ways of reaching success. I like working for a company that allows me to work remotely, while influencing new ways of doing things.”

“Every business benefits from the unique perspectives and work ethic of young people,” says Simmonds. “For us, it has translated into the success of multiple campaigns and initiatives. Hiring a young, diverse team gives us a competitive edge. This is an opportunity that exists for all Nova Scotian companies that want to compete on a national scale.”

When you are ready to hire someone new, consider hiring a recent grad.

To date, more than 600 organizations like Foundation Marketing have hired more than 1,000 recent graduates across Nova Scotia using GTO funding.

GTO could save you money on the next person you hire. Learn more at

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