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Kaylee Hake - Cluster Lead
Kaylee Hake - Cluster Lead

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P4G and PR Hive partner to build capacity and attract talent.

It didn’t take long for the PR Hive, a boutique public relations agency and Placemaking 4G (P4G), a values-based recruitment company to decide they wanted to partner on a communications position. They were aligned from their first meeting. Both wanted to add communications capacity to their small business and it was clear they each built relationships and partnerships based on trust and communication.

Working with Cluster Employment, a Nova Scotia based start-up that works with small organizations to create capacity through partnerships, both companies agreed to partner on a clustered position - meaning each company would identify their part-time needs and work together to create a full-time position for someone to join both of their teams.

“Cluster Employment was an intriguing concept for me and clearly meets a need for small business,” said Robyn McIsaac, owner of The PR Hive. “By working with Cluster Employment and partnering with the P4G team, we added a talented new member of the team part-time. We are building capacity and will grow it into a full-time position.”

This cluster position would soon be filled by Nzingha Millar - a communications professional in Halifax who was looking for a new challenge and was interested in the opportunity to work for two purpose-led organizations that were open to new ways of working.

“As a young professional, I’m gaining valuable experience, learning from two different organizations as well as building my professional network ,” said Nzingha Millar, Senior Communications Consultant for both The PR Hive and P4G. “The two organizations are working together to ensure my schedule and workload are coordinated, it’s great to be part of such a strong partnership.”

In Nzingha’s position, time is being shared 50/50 every week with flexibility for client meetings and any specific needs that come up from time-to-time. Her vacation and benefits are also shared between both organizations. Nzingha has a lead contact at each company who are meeting regularly during the first few months to ensure issues or challenges are discussed, solutions are identified and agreed on early.

P4G knows the Cluster Model well. The founders started Cluster Employment after hearing about the challenges of building teams from small business owners across the province. The part-time employment market often lacks stability and coordination, which leaves many who fill the roles leaving once a full-time position is available.

“Cluster Employment is really about supporting businesses in between the part-time and full time stage” said Matt Thomson, one of P4G’s and Cluster Employment’s co-founders. “Small businesses in Nova Scotia are resourceful and they are looking for more creative employment options. It’s amazing what can happen when we work together and build a trusting partnership with other businesses, and how that trust and creativity attracts talent.”

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