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If you startup Should Hire people Understand about analytics

if you want to make something don't be afraid to make it, right now money doesn't obstacle when you have a dream making your own company, you have a great idea just making a pitch deck and build a prototype as an example, after that, you can show to the investor and tell them what makes a difference your product to a competitor and make a projection how big the market cap you want to take from the other.

if you are running a startup and you must know how to collect data, store your data, analyzing and present the data. most the startup have a website as an acquisition either your product is apps on mobile, why the web so popular. because internet user always grows significant year over year.

I just give you hint, so if you have a website started to collect the data from the user using this tool
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
I do work as digital analytics at roomme, the company provide room for rent but the space not an apartment, this type small rooms

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