Cluster Employment

Frequently Asked Questions

Follow up on answers to our frequently asked questions

What is Cluster employment?

Cluster employment is the alignment between two to three employers that have a part-time need to create full time employment for qualified talent.

Why is Cluster employment important?

In Canada alone the gig economy accounts for 8.2 % of the work force which is around 1.7 million workers. The magnitude of the gig economy that could become available to the formal sector amounts to roughly 700,000 full time jobs which is 3.5% of our labour force on average. Cluster employment allows for these “gig” jobs to transition to the formal sector by bringing together two to three employers that have part time needs to hire full-time talent while providing benefits and providing a better quality of life for Canadians.

What are the benefits of Cluster for an employer?

As a Cluster employer you will have access to a full time talent at part-time wages. Additional benefits include, having your talent constantly growing through mentorship and support by other employers.

Can I apply for funding and still go through Cluster employment?

Yes you can, the majority of wage subsidy programs are eligible for use under the Cluster employment model.

Who pays the employee?

One of the employers is designated as a Lead employer, a lead employer will essentially take over all the administrative duties of the employee and will bill an admin fee that will be split by all parties to put the necessary financial structures in place such as billing the talent, setting up direct withdrawals, payments and identifying the cost for MERCS and split between employers.

What if Cluster employment stops working for me?

If you don’t see the value that a Cluster employee brings, you can provide a 1 month notice at which time, the other employers can elect to take on more hours, find another employer or dissolve the cluster.

What have been the experiences of Cluster employees?

This is a quote from a Cluster employee “ Cluster gave me the opportunity to work in different environments with different people to learn from. Each experience has been different and both have taught me that we all have different ways, and that adaptation is the best humans can train themselves to do in a world full of diversity. Being able to adapt and merge in between different environments have made me more complete all over my life and has definitely been something I found myself doing again with this experience. I am grateful I got the chance to learn from people with similar values to mine who are willing to teach me and listen to every I have to contribute to their companies”.

What have been some of the challenges with Cluster employers?

The challenges with some cluster employers are usually around the lack of communication between the employers, most of these challenges can be mitigated by having direct and transparent communication with all parties involved. Mitigating failed Clustering can be done at an early stage by having honest and straight forward conversations. If you are unsure about hiring someone using a Cluster Employment Model, you can still sign up, access the platform and the tools without having to engage other employers. Prior to having conversations with other employers, each party will sign a Memorandum of Understanding which outlines your as a Cluster Employer. This will ensure that all parties are seeking to engage in a legitimate hiring process in the near future.

How does the platform help me with starting a Cluster?

Main unique features, it allows for employers seeking part-time talent to connect explore their hiring needs. The platform will also help with be a one stop shop and will support your need identification process until your hiring process and everything in between.