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The ramifications of COVID-19 had an immediate and sustained impact on Canada’s workforce and the economy. The workers most impacted included black, indigenous, and people of colour, the young, women and immigrant populations. These populations were let go early in the pandemic and are slowly returning to unpredictable work. A review of job numbers shows that although there has been a boost in hiring, most new jobs are part time. This points to a gradual rebuild of the economy with a heavy reliance on casual and hourly workers who face precarious employment with few benefits.

As the economy rebuilds, there is a need for an employment solution which provides employers with the workers they need, while meeting the employee’s goals of finding sustainable, full-time, employment opportunities with benefits. The Cluster Employment model uniquely addresses these challenges through a platform that connects employers with similar part-time needs, to create full-time jobs with benefits. Cluster employees benefit from stable, flexible, secure, full-time employment with access to a benefits package.

The Cluster Employment model also facilitates the creation of high-quality employment opportunities in rural and remote communities, for GIG workers, and advances the growth of high value sectors.

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