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Fit versus Contribute

EDI is not a division or goal within P4G, it is the fabric and foundation of the organization. We are 50% African Nova Scotian owned, 60% of staff is from the BIPOC community, and as a recruiting firm, over 50% of the roles placed have been BIPOC individuals. We transform the use of recruiting language to be more equitable, including eliminating the term “fit” in favour of “contributor”. We actively increase organizations’ equity position in their workforce. Additionally, we have been selected to deliver a webinar series on EDI and continue to work with and learn from experts in EDI.

We are also contributing to a project that addresses the underrepresentation of African Nova Scotians in the workforce. One of our main goals is to continue to innovate in the Human Dynamics space in order to create new policies that move society forward. P4G has hired an HR professional to research and implement these policies within our own organization. Cluster Employment is a sister company to P4G and is guided by the same values. The Cluster Employment team will continue to do outreach to BIPOC serving organizations to build talent capacity within the organizations to continue to create an impact.

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