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What would cause a Cluster Employment Network Effect?

Warning... this will be a long-winded first post haha...

When I think about the opportunity to transform the current gig economy and a growing under-employed % of the workforce -I'm left with many questions to ponder. I think cluster employment has a huge market opportunity to solve a real problem (i.e. no job security, part-time work increase vs. full-time decrease, new Canadians having difficulty finding stable full-time employment etc.), the question I ask myself is how do you develop enough traction and make this a movement?

Developing traction?
You need people getting engaged with the platform, the reward of being involved needs to be obvious. Perhaps it's some sort of bonus structure for posting, peer recognition etc. - you need something that feels worth it.

How to get people involved?
It's a delicate balance of creating a double-sided market place. The simultaneous challenge is the attraction of both quality employers (who are willing to think differently about sharing employees) combined with eager and solid employment candidates. Specifically, with the employers, you want companies that are likely not super constrained with short-term cash flow so they have the capacity to consider this model and the necessary term agreeements- combined with a general interest in supporting some revolutionary elements of the workforce. I think the PR opportunity for companies is significant.

Some sectors that might be interested that likely want to do better by their employees, but don't have full-time work available:
-Teaching / Tutor
-Grocery and Food Industry
-Gym Sector
-Auto Mechanic
-Journalism + Marketing/Multimedia
-Accounting / Bookkeeping (internal finance)
-Administration Support Workers
-Nanny / Daycare

Where should this take place?
Everywhere has a need is the short answer. But I think the more immediate need is actually in urban centre. Because of the fact that the platform's success hinges on getting a critical mass of users involved- this (more or less) defaults to requiring urban involvement as a target starting point. Perhaps, you start with pilot cities and industries with a depth of knowledge in these fields to support a quicker uptake of users. For example, how do you re-purpose the skills of specialized energy workers with complementary non-competing sectors so that you can have a successful job share that is a use case that is both repeatable and scaleable.

Tools on the platform to Grow over time?

Candidate matching and profile math:
How do you find the right candidates, and what information can you learn from successful manual pilot efforts to ascertain trends in cluster employment that are scaleable and repeatable.

Skill development and education within the platform:
As you learn more and more what employers are looking for... very granular level data will become available... i.e. can the candidate successful model and build pivot tables on excel... these kind of requests can lead the platform to proactively offer learning opportunities to candidates to make them more attractive, or simply as a revenue source it can recommend pre-existing courses from platforms such as Coursera to do the same work...

Community building:
Helping build successful peer groups for peer support and counselling to support one another during the challenges of under-employment. Is there a connection to mental health virtual support that should be considered here...

Anyway... this concludes a long-winded post... love the concept of cluster employment and wanted to throw some ideas and big vision brainstorming into the discussion.


p.s. apologies for the grammar and sentence structure

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Matt Thomson

Re: Your apology as a PS - This reads as an incredibly honest and intentional post, from your brain to my screen. Incredible insight, ideas and thoughtfulness @Andrew. Definitely noted and some items are soon to be acted upon. Thanks so much and keep it coming!


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Andrew Author

Thanks Matt!